Fuelled by Rum, this ‘south-paw’ hits hard – Plays harder!

Taught by monkeys in the 80’s, He smashes them fuckers like his life depends on it and goes through drumsticks like a Harwich hooker goes through mouthwash. He likes Rum, going out and drinking Rum and occasionally, the odd Rum. He also enjoys a damn good BEARD!……and Rum.

Doc abuses:

DW and Pearl Drums
Pork Pie Snaredrums
Istanbul Agop Cymbals
Sabian XSR Cymbals
Dream China Cymbals
Zildjian Zil-Bel Cymbals
DW, Pearl, PDP & Mapex Hardware
Pearl Demonator Double Kick Pedal – Pearl Dual Beaters
Remo Heads
Drumport Megaport Kick Drum Reso
Cheap sticks (see above)

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